Rent-to-Own Information

If you can’t pay cash for your building, we do accept credit cards (Visa, MC and Discover) and some banks offer financing. But we also offer a 36-month rent-to-own (RTO) contract so you can put a storage building in your back yard now. That means you can stop paying rent on a mini-storage unit that you’ll never own. Yes, you’ll be paying us rent, but you will soon own your building, and it won’t be across town somewhere. You don’t even have to rent it for 36 months to own it. Pay if off at any time–and stop paying rent. Now that’s simple.

As specified by Oklahoma law, 40% of each RTO payment you make is rent. (No, it’s not interest. You are actually renting a building that we own until you finish paying for it.) The other 60% of each payment is the cash price of the building divided into 36 payments.  If you can make the first payment and the required deposit (minimum of $200), we’ll build and bring you a building.

Now a few more details: Your deposit will refunded to you or applied to the contract at the end of the contract term. If we deliver your building in the first half of a month, your next payment will be due the 5th of the following month. If we deliver the building in the last half of a month, your payment will be due in the second calendar month following. For example, if we deliver a building to you on July 10, your next rent payment is due August 5. If we deliver on July 21, your next rent payment is due on September 5.

Most of our customers sign an authorization form to make a monthly direct deposit payment.  That way, you never forget. If that doesn’t work for you, ask about options.

We want you to understand the RTO program. If you have questions, ask. The last thing we want to do is help put you in financial straits.