Chicken Tractors


     You can enjoy farm fresh eggs from your own back yard with one of our locally built portable chicken pens. Yes, that’s right–even in town! Day and night, your chickens will be safe from the “critters” that would love a chicken dinner!  And you won’t have chickens taking a “dust bath” in a bare run, or else running around and scratching in your flower beds or garden.

     Pick the size you need. Introduce the chickens to their new home. Grab the wheelbarrow-type handles and move the Chicken Tractor to a new spot each day. You cut feed cost by giving your chickens fresh grass to graze and bugs to scratch out and catch, and you get quality eggs because pasture-fed chickens produce eggs with the God-designed balance between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats. Eating eggs from pasture-fed chickens actually helps balance your cholesterol!

     Our Chicken Tractors are reasonably priced, and they include nesting boxes and roosting space to keep your chickens content and productive. One more time saver: you never will have to clean the litter out of your chicken house again. The chickens scatter their litter every day in a fresh spot–and your grass grows green!

Size Price on our lot
4′ x 6′ (for up to 4 chickens)
4′ x 9′ (for 5 or more chickens)

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