Eagle Carports

  • Carports – Better Built Barns is a dealer for Eagle Carports, a nationwide company committed to giving you a good product at a competitive price. We sell a wide selection of standard carport sizes, but we can also create custom sizes and styles. Please call with any questions you have or to get a quote.

  • Sizes – What size do you need? We provide any size, from a 12′ x 21′ one-car unit, all the way up to a triple-wide 30′ wide x 51′ long–or longer! You can order legs 6′ tall, 7′ tall, 8′ tall–or taller.
  • Need to protect your RV or travel trailer?  Eagle now offers sturdy RV covers that are constructed with doubled tubular steel legs.  They start at 10′ tall and can be up to 14′ tall.   (You can see one pictured at the bottom left-hand corner of this page.)
  • Roof style – We offer two basic roof designs, the standard “round-corner” carport that you see above, and the “Boxed Eave” carport that you see in the upper right-hand picture below. Both the standard and the “Boxed Eave” carports come with a “horizontal roof.” That is, the roof panels run horizontally, the length of the carport. You should consider upgrading to our “vertical roof” option. That looks better and gets the rain and the snow off the roof quicker. Because the roof stays clean, there’s less chance for the roof panels to start rusting.

  • Frame gauge – All of our carports can be constructed with either a 12 gauge or 14 gauge tubular frame. Remember: 12 gauge is heavier and stronger than 14 gauge.
  • Options – We also offer a variety of other options with our carports. Why not consider purchasing additional panels to cover the side of your carport? This strengthens the carport and keeps the blowing rain–and hail–off your vehicles. Adding gables to your carport makes the carport stronger and provides more curb appeal. In fact, we can totally enclose a carport, add walk-in doors and a roll-up door, to make it into an enclosed garage or shop. Now that’s impressive!

  • Garages and shops. Any size carport we sell can be enclosed completely and turned into a garage. Eagle carports sells roll-up doors, or we work with Better Built Garage Doors to install track-style doors with optional electric openers. Wouldn’t you like a 30′ x 51′ shop installed on your lot within a month of placing your order?

  • Horse Barns. Don’t forget that Eagle Carports also constructs “Horse Barns” and “Eagle Barns.”  Check for pictures.
  • Colors. You can choose from 14 colors in any combination you like.

We offer a size to fit every need and we’ll help you custom design just what you’re looking for. There are plenty of options available! Check them out by going to
Notice how our customers turn a carport into a low-cost animal shelter like the ones pictured below.

Please call for a quote (405) 547-2066 or Toll Free: (888) 869-8257

For more information call our sales office at: (405) 547-2066