Customer Reviews

Robert Brian on 05/03/2018:  I have bought two storage sheds, 3 greenhouses, and a barn from these good people. They build the highest quality barns, and greenhouses in Oklahoma. I have looked at many of their competitors, the quality of construction and materials is not matched anywhere that I have seen.
James Miller on 04/12/2018:  Awesome building. I ordered the 12*24 out building. Built very well. Delivery and setup were EXCELLENT. Highly recommend. Thanks.
Cheryl McPhail, March 9, 2018:  I love our building so much that I referred my aunt to your company and she also purchased a building from you. These buildings have great craftsmanship and I would highly recommend anyone searching for a building to buy from these folks as they will help you in any way they can. I’m also looking for a greenhouse and hope to purchase one from your company.

Donny Lindsey on 03/01/2018:  Had them move a storage barn. Set exactly where it was needed. Excellent job.

Susan Hartline on 01/19/2018 – The Loft shed I purchased was delivered today, and I wanted to say thank you so very much! At every point in working with Better Built Barns, from sales department to the delivery person today was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and made the purchase so very easy. The delivery driver was absolutely incredible! He had to manipulate the truck between two large fences with gas pipes on either side, cut a corner and back the shed into my yard. He did so and made it all look effortless! He had the shed set up, completely leveled and exactly where we needed it to be placed. Martin was polite and had our contract in hand when he was finished setting up. I will be bragging about your company, and Martin, for years to come!

Curt Stults on 11/20/2017 – We had a very good experience. High quality product delivered on time.

Wendel Dedecko on 11/13/2017 – Representative was well informed and very helpful. We are so excited and cannot wait for our BETTER BUILT BARN to be delivered and assembled!!!

by Kati Schmidt on 10/29/2017 – Excellent service, professional and friendly. I am still awaiting delivery but I expect everything to be on time and go exactly as planned. I have already recommended Better Built to friends.
by Donny Lindsey on 09/24/2017 – I shopped for a month to find the best place to purchase a storage building. The building was delivered on time and set up exactly on the place I wanted. Jeremy was courteous and and helpful. I needed the building built and delivered as quickly as possible. They built it and delivered it in two weeks. It is well built and fit my needs. I would highly recommend them.
William Bunyard on 08/31/2017 – The gentlemen at BBB has been very accommodating. Prices were competitive, and they were great with follow up phones calls. I did not have to keep calling (this was concerning a back-order) – they kept me in the loop. I will continue to use them as a good viable source.
Samantha Martin-Gordon on 08/29/2017 – Wonderful company. Easy to work with and very professional. They’re good honest people and take pride in their work. They made sure it was delivered and set up on my property correctly and paid close attention to detail. I am overly pleased with their service and the product. I highly recommend them!

by Jim Cowley on 07/17/2017 – My barn is exactly the way my wife wanted it. The paint is a perfect match to a picture I showed them. It’s much better quality than the big chain stores and the price is cheaper. Delivery and set up was professional and fast. If I ever need another shed or barn, they will be my pick.

by Wendell Stephens on 07/06/2017
The structure is great, the service was as agreed and excellent.  The young man that operated the ‘Mule’ did a super-super job and he was such a nice person to visit with. Thanks to all that made this transaction so pleasant.
by Robert LaFollette on 07/04/2017
Very pleased with my building . Very good people and service.
by Brett Collins on 06/09/2017

We have used Better Built Barns to move our building on 3 separate occasions. Each time they treated us with amazing professionalism. They are extremely knowledgeable on how to do their job and they do it very well! We will always call on them anytime we are purchasing or moving a building!

Densil Bottger on 05/24/2017:  Very friendly and efficient service
Justin Silver on May 13, 2017:  Great Guys! The job is performed to the customers specifications so satisfaction is guaranteed!
by Ricky Corbin on 04/19/2017  Very excellent service and knowledge
by Allen Ford on 04/12/2017  Set-up was excellent. Screw backed out of door lock and I had to replace it. Great building very fair price
by Don Dreher on 04/01/2017  When I called Better Built Barns they were very nice and answered all the questions I asked. I needed a building soon and they had one in stock that was perfect for my needs. I asked if they could add windows and shutters since it was already built. They said yes and when I saw the building you couldn’t tell that they were put in after the build. The delivery was great, they set the building right where I wanted even though there wasn’t much room to move it around. The building is built better than any others I looked at. I am very pleased with my building and the service I received from Better Built Barns! I show my building to everyone and tell them that is the only way to go in a portable building!

Keith on 02/22/2017 – So far so good. Jeremy had been very helpful, quickly understood what I wanted and provided excellent suggestions. Delivery is in a couple of weeks so hopefully things will go well and I will be happy.

by ED FORD on 02/02/2017
by Karen Genero on 01/29/2017 – My experience with Better Built Barns has been exceptional – even in the planning stages. My project is just getting under way. Staff have been knowledgeable, available, and responsive to questions/needs. I’ve seen the excellent product BBB makes and I’m excited to see my own little cabin.
by Chris Grellner on 12/30/2016
The young man who delivered building was friendly, professional did a great job. He Was client pleasing and respectful.
By Larry Collins, 11/23/2016
Your driver is phenomenal. He knows what he’s doing, a great asset to your company.
by Gary Kinne on 11/20/2016

Great product and customer service. Delivery and setup was very professional. Highly recommend Better Built Barnes to anyone looking for a quality product at reasonable prices.

Kim Burcke on 11/16/2016 – You guys are great! Wonderful product, timely delivery, courteous staff. Won’t work with anyone else in the future. Thanks!

Dustin Cantley on 11/12/2016-  Excellent service and a great building.

Allen McPhail, 10/13/2016 – Love the craftsmanship or our new loft. The owners were so very helpful in helping us make our decision on which loft that we needed in our price range. I really liked that we were able to pick out what we wanted be it windows, door size, and where we wanted our door placed. The young gentleman that delivered and set up our new loft was very nice and answered any questions that we asked. I have no problem in recommending Better Built Barns to anyone. Thank You very much building our wonderful loft barn!!

Walden Timothy, 8/13/2016 – They were very easy to deal with even though I changed my mind on a couple of things they got it taken care of. I love my new chicken coop and have gotten many compliments on it. I highly recommend them and the were cheaper than the dealer who was much closer and didn’t even charge me as much delivery. I would definitely purchase from them again.

Jon White, 8/5/2016
      I bought my garden shed a couple of years ago. It still looks brand new. The delivery was easy. They put it exactly where I wanted it and leveled it perfectly. I will definitely return if I have another need for a shed or garage.
Lyndal Skaggs,  7/25/2016
      Great workmanship, worked with me on location and were very professional. Delivered on a Friday evening and did not rush the install even though the weekend was starting. I would purchase from them again, and the prices were better than the businesses in the Edmond area.
Thomas Holt 6/20/2016
   Yesterday, the custom shed that I ordered was delivered and set in my back yard. I am writing to express some feedback from my experience with Better Built Barns. Please read my comments below:
       1. Jeremy, who helped me with every step of the process was responsive, thorough, professional and willing to accommodate every need and standard that was presented to him from both my HOA and myself. Fantastic job!
      2. Though the build took some time (which wasn’t too bad, I am just impatient) — it was completely worth waiting for as the quality and materials are second to none – from the framing to the finishing touches – absolutely everything that it needs to be and more. No doubt it will withstand the elements that Oklahoma will throw at if for years to come.
3. Before choosing BBB, I looked at ALL the local stores:  Lowes … Home Depot … Tuff Sheds …
In addition to the big box stores, I also vetted a myriad of shed/garage/outbuilding builders in the OKC area for the last couple years, rating build quality, pricing and much more. Finally chose BBB as no one seemed to want to sell me a quality addition to my home instead of a shaky shack, other than you. I chose wisely.
     4. The engineer and build crew at BBB did an outstanding job putting this together with quality materials and did not cut corners as so many companies and builders do today. Once again, outstanding.
     5. Overall, my experience with Better Built Barns was refreshing to say the least. To know that there are still companies out there who are focused on delivering the BEST craftsmanship with the BEST materials with OUTSTANDING customer service is pretty mind-blowing in this day and age (I am only 35 though I know I sound like a geezer).
     6. Last but not least, the delivery driver (a young guy who was by himself) — was expeditious, thorough and knew exactly what he was doing. On top of that, he was polite, professional, courteous and made sure we knew what was happening at all times. If I am not mistaken, I understand he had plans after work but did not rush and made sure that the job was done right even though he had an hour drive back home. In addition to that, the heat index was 106 degrees and the guy was pouring sweat. It would have been easy for him to slap some stuff together and leave, but he possesses the integrity to ensure he was doing what he was hired to do, the right way. You would be fools if you ever let that one go.
      Thanks to the entire team at Better Built Barns for your excellent performance and for holding yourself to a higher standard.

Jim Spurgeon  6/2/2016 – I would like to give the young man that delivered your building a thank you. He real did a good job of setting it up and putting it where I wanted it, which wasn’t a easy task.

Jeff Gazaway  5/31/2016 –   Your delivery man has great people skills, great work ethic, great driver skills. He did an excellent job!

Phillip and Teresa Marshal  3/30/16
      I want to give a special thank you to Martin for the great job he did getting our shed moved.  Our shed is 16 years old and I guess the wood rails are narrower now than they were then.  It was obvious that our shed would not fit on the trailer the way it was. Most people would have said they would have to get a different truck and put it off.
That would have been disappointing but understandable. Martin looked at the situation and pondered for a few minutes and got busy adjusting and modifying to make it work.  I’m sure it took a lot longer and was a lot more work that he had planned on but He got the job done and our shed looks great in our new back yard.  He deserves a huge pat on the back (and maybe a raise too). He went the extra mile and you should be very proud of him.

Lyndal Skaggs 2/3/16
Great people to work with. Delivered product earlier than expected and worked with me on a good delivery time. Setup crew was professional and got it setup just the way I wanted it. Price was better than the sellers in Oklahoma City. Very satisfied!

Paul Ollinger 3/24/16
Phone call. Martin an excellent delivery job, was a great blessing today. He had a good attitude. Hand it to him!

Kailyn Swonger 12/18/15

After shopping around for a loft barn to be built on-site in our tiny yard, I would not choose anyone but Better Built Barns. They were patient and courteous, and very competitively priced! I never had any issues with getting hold of someone on the phone. The day of the build the guys arrived bright and early, were polite, and got the job done by 3:00 p.m. Could not be happier with the quality of work or the service. Five stars!

Rick W.,  Nov 24, 2015

This was one of the easiest purchases I have ever had. The price was very good and the Salesman/Owner was a pleasure doing business with. He delivered the shed/barn on time and the employee that set up the shed/barn was very knowledgeable fast and efficient. Before you buy elsewhere you need to check these people out.

Troy Kunkel  Nov 12, 2015

We have nothing but high praises for Better Built Barns. From the quality of the product, the friendly service, the expert delivery and set-up, we couldn’t have been more pleased. When I saw that the delivery was going to be done by just one man, I was a little surprised. Although he was outstanding in how he was able to put a 10 X 20 shed into our small backyard…..I think things may have been a little faster if he would have had a helper available. It was obvious that he was very skilled in maneuvering the machinery and I doubt that anyone else could have completed the placement in such a small area that he had to work with. A five star rating from us for sure!!

Shawn Rains  10/23/2015 

Very Professional, Great to work with, Referred a friend and he bought another building from you all. Thanks for the great work!!

Hank Baker  Oct 2, 2015

I purchased a 8 x 20 chicken coop. The build quality was exceptional and perfect for my needs. Their service was fantastic. Also I really appreciate them offering the rental/purchase program because I didn’t have $3000 to come up with in cash at the time so that made it possible For us to go ahead and get what we wanted and then we’ll always have the option to pay it off early if we choose. We love the service love the product they offer and love the financing and rental options that they offer. In fact I am very close to going in buying a greenhouse as well. I love their products and their services thank you so much !!!!!

Becky Starnes  Sept 23, 2015 –  Good price, fast delivery and setup… Awesome

Martin Baratz  Sept 16, 2015 – Very relaxed, no pressure atmosphere in which to buy a storage building. You can take your time when shopping here. There are building on the lot to view and purchase or you can have one custom built. Delivery and Installation is included in the price so the process cannot be any easier. You just do not get that at a chain store. Workmanship and quality is second to none. Our building looks like it came with the property. It is perfect!!

Ron Clark  Sept 14, 2015

I really enjoyed my experience with Better Built Barnes. Being in the customer service industry I am used to providing great service, not receiving it. I first researched their website and then made my first phone call. Jeremy was my sales rep. He was very informative, courteous, and professional. Not only are their prices competitive, but their customer service is “5 STAR”. I would highly recommend Better Built Barns.

Michael Sherrill on Google Review, September 4, 2015

Customization was key to my building and they performed it perfectly. They matched the paint color and scheme of my existing barn and customized the interior, electrical, heat and air framing exactly to my specifications. The quality and workmanship were excellent as well as the personal attention and scheduling.

Mike Sherrill, September 1, 2015:
The ability to customize the unit was a key element of my criteria. I chose the cabin style and they were able to perfectly match the color of my existing barn, wire electrical, insulate, build closet, sheetrock, and frame for the heater and air conditioning all to my exact specifications. All deadlines were met on time and working with all of the staff was a great experience.

Gayla Hancock 8/23/2015:

They did an excellent job. Very good construction. The building was done and delivered on time. They were friendly and helpful. Very good people.

William Bickell   7/26/2015:

Very nice people. Easy to work with and they do what they say they will do. Would highly recommend them.

Paula Brown  6/11/2015:

Better Built Barns provides high quality well built storage buildings! I own one personally and have purchased several for work. They are meticulous in their workmanship and service!

Mark Brown 6/4/2015:

I wouldn’t even look anywhere else. The quality couldn’t be better. The price was the best around, and the delivery and set up was included. And to top it off everyone was so nice, polite, and professional.