Goose-neck Trailers

Goose-neck trailers maximize the load you can haul.  Since so much of the payload is on your truck, the manufacturer can rate a Goose-neck trailer for 20% more than the rating of the trailer axles. Load it and go!  We can get what you need.

Gooseneck Trailers

Goose-neck trailers

Starlite’s goose-neck trailers pull behind your truck as if they weren’t there.  They won’t sway or fish-tail.  Because a GN coupler distributes more of the weight to your truck, you can load a 14,000 GVW  trailer with a full 14,000 pounds of cargo.

Buy made-in-Oklahoma trailers, and you will be working with manufacturers that stand behind their products and support their customers.  Let us help you with your trailer needs. We stock a good supply, but we can also order custom trailers, designed to meet any need.

Starlite Trailers, Inc.

Trailers built by Starlite are designed and built for years of hard use. Find out more here.  Starlite has over 35 years of trailer manufacturing experience that we and they can put to work for you!  Call us for Goose-neck trailers up to 40′ long.

Unless stated, the goose-neck trailers we stock have 7,000 axles with electric brakes and are rated at 14,000# GVW.  The low-style trailers give you 82″ between the fenders, and have 2′ dovetail and either mounted (slide-in) or stand-up ramps.  The deck-over trailers are made to maximum legal width, 102″ and come with a 5′ dovetail and fold-over ramps. The Marty’s Special is also 102″ wide and has a 4′ dovetail with mounted ramps.   All of our trailers are manufactured with handy stake pockets and a rub rail that make it easy for you to tie down your load.

Availability Goose-Neck Trailers – LOWER PRICES = Better Buy Price
On order 22′ Gravity-Tilt trailer: 6′ stationary + 16′ tilt. 14,000 GVW. Powder coat paint.
IN STOCK 20′ (18’+2′ dovetail) GN, 6″ I-beam, 82″ wide, 7000# axles.
IN STOCK 22′ (20’+2′ dovetail) GN, 6″ I-beam, 82″ wide, 7000# axles.
sold 24′ (20’+4′ dovetail) GN,  H.D. 8″ I-beam, 7000# axles.
IN STOCK 24′ (20’+4′ dovetail) Marty’s Special, 102″ wide, drive-over fenders, mounted ramps, 2 – 7k axles: a “hybrid” that combines the 102″ wide deck with the lower deck of the low-boy GN. You’ll love it!
IN STOCK 25′ (20’+5′ dovetail) GN, 102″ wide. Torque tube. New lower price. $6,350
On order  28′ (24’+4′ dovetail) Marty’s Special, 102″ wide with drive-over fenders; with 2 – 7k axles, mounted ramps, IMPRESSIVE! $6,095

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Better Built Trailers.  Better than ever!