Delivery Info

Local delivery and set-up are included in our prices, however there are a few things you will want to consider before we bring your building out.

The site must be accessible.

If there’s room and the ground is firm enough, we back your building right into place with our truck and 24′ trailer.  In tighter locations or if the ground is soft, we will leave our truck on the street or your driveway and move the building into place with our Mule building mover. (See video here.) If we can’t get in, we can build on site (usually for 18% extra).

The site should be reasonably level.

We provide concrete blocks and shims to block and level your building. However, if any portion of the building is blocked up higher than a stack of three 4″ blocks, we will charge extra for the blocks and ask you to sign a waiver exempting us from any responsibility if the blocks ever tip over. We have found that many people underestimate the slope in their yard. If in doubt, check with a string level.  Remember that the greatest slope is usually between opposite corners.

Blocked and leveled on nearly level ground

Watch overhead clearance in your driveway and yard.

Sometimes our customers forget to look up! When we arrive with the building ready to go, we find that trees branches, overhead wires, or even the house eaves get in the way. We don’t come prepared to move houses–or even trim trees. We’ll do our best. If there is extra work, extra charges may apply at the driver’s discretion.

Here is a chart that shows the loaded height of various buildings. We assume about a 32″ measurement on our delivery trailer:

Width8′ 10′12′14′16′
Loft Barn13′ 11″14′ 5″15′ 0″15′ 6″16′ 2″
Garden Shed12′ 0″12′ 6″13′ 10″14′ 3″14′ 8 “
Portable Garage13′ 6″13 ’10”14′ 3″14′ 8″
Mini Barn11′ 3″11′ 7″
Cabin/Office13′ 6″14′ 3″14′ 8″15′ 1″
Lofted Cabin  14′ 10″15′ 5″16′ 2″16′ 7″

Loading a building Loading a buildingLoading a building Loading a building