BETTER BUILT BARNSBETTER THAN THEY USED TO BE!  BETTER THAN THEY WOULD HAVE TO BE!  BETTER than you thought possible!  “The more you look, the BETTER we look!” Come and see for yourself.

Our 12×32 finished cabin is beautiful–and we didn’t cut corners.  We made it for you like we would have made it for ourselves.  Consider:

Our buildings are going out faster than we can build them.  Why?  Well, we have better  quality for  better prices: BETTER BUILT BARNS.  Please remember that your lack of foresight yesterday does not constitute an emergency for us today.  Hurry and order yours today–so we don’t have to hurry and build it tomorrow!  And charge you a “rush order” fee.

Don’t forget we have carports, RV covers, garages, horse barns from Eagle Carport company. Go here

Specials on TRAILERS:

20′ Tilt trailers with a hydraulic pump.  Made for heavy hauling: 14,000 GVW.  Priced to sell: only $4850 

Come and see the 20′ Box Cargo trailer that we have for $5650.  It features a side entry door, a back door that swings down to form a ramp; a Bulldog hitch, 5200# axles with brakes.  Because it’s 8.5′ wide, it would work great for hauling a vehicle, or turn into a business trailer.

DO YOU NEED FINANCING FOR YOUR TRAILER? Better Built Trailer Sales is now set up with FLCC Financing Corporation to help you with that. They offer reasonable rates. Your rate depends on your credit score.  Go to http://www.flccfinancing.com/

Don’t forget our great CARPORT DEALS. We can make a garage for you, or customize your order with a variety of options.  Come and see us!