No, we don’t. We prefer wood, first because we think that a painted wood building looks more attractive than a metal building. Wood buildings are also tighter than metal buildings–mouse tight! And wood buildings are heavy and solid. In over 20 years in business, with 1000s of buildings all over Oklahoma, we’ve never heard of any of our buildings blowing over or being moved by a straight wind. Sure, all “bets are off” if a tornado hits, but we have seen our buildings rolled completely over by a tornado and end up “roof up” virtually undamaged!

Of course, any wood buildings has to be repainted eventually, but with the high quality paint we use, a Better Built Barn will not need a paint job for 15 or more years. And if you some day repaint your house or house trim, you can paint your building to match.

If you prefer a metal roof, you can special order it at Better Built Barns. If you still prefer a metal building, we’ll refer you to our friends at OK Portable Structures, LLC. Call 405-547-2940.