Lofted Cabins

Loft Barns w/ Porch

Zone 1 Pricing

A Lofted Cabin by Better Built Barns includes more and lasts longer. It’s better than you’d expect. Come and check us out.

Zone 1 includes sites up to 30 miles from Perkins, including Stillwater, Morrison, Glencoe, Yale, Drumright, Cushing, Chandler, Wellston, Guthrie, Mulhull, Orlando, and Perry.

 14×36 $9,695
14×40 $10,395

Zone 2 Pricing

Zone 2 delivery reaches 80 miles from Perkins, Oklahoma, to include Ponca City, Fairfax, Cleveland, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Bristow, Prague, OKC, Kingfisher, Enid, and Tonkawa. For distances over 80 miles from Perkins, we add $2.50 per loaded mile.
 14×36 $9,950
 14×40 $10,650


  • Pressure treated 4″x6″ runners keep your portable building high and dry.
  • A 4′-wide porch with railing constructed with #1 pressure treated lumber.
  • All framing lumber is 2×4 #2 Douglas Fir–the best available.
  • Floor: durable 3/4″ tongue-and-groove floor with a 50-year warranty!
  • Foil-bubble insulation under the floor for comfort and economy
  • Wood grain 7/16″ Smart Panel siding. 50-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 30-year Malarkey Highlander shingles–nailed on, not stapled. No exposed nails.
  • High quality semi gloss paint. Your portable building will still look new 15 years from now!
  • 36″x76″ factory door with keyed entry knob.
  • Two double-pane vinyl windows, Low-E, Energy Star rated.
  • All sheet materials are #1 APA rated quality
  • And most important of all, old-fashioned craftsmanship that makes every building that leaves our lot a work of art. You can see the difference!

Popular Options

  • Electrical package ($350) includes breaker box, 2 receptacles, a switch and light. Upgrades available. Ask.
  • Steps: 22″ x 48″ ($60), 33″ x 64″ ($90), 33″ x 72″ ($100)
  • Windows: vinyl, double pane, Low-e, Energy Star rated by Pella: 2′ x 3′ ($180); 3′ x 3′ ($225); 3′ x 4′ ($250).
  • We can custom paint any portable building to match your house. Just bring us the paint.
  • Ask about custom portable building designs to fit your needs.

Extra Info

We include 12′ of loft in 20′ Lofted Cabins. Cabins from 24′ to 32′ long have 16′ of loft. Our 36′ Lofted Cabin includes 20′ of loft, and our 40′ has a 24′!

And we can add more loft for you.  Ask.

  • Remember: Our prices include two coats of top quality paint. You can see the difference!
  • Warranty: We warranty our portable buildings a full 5 years, both materials and labor! “If it’s our problem, we fix it!”
  • Siding: Our Smart Panel siding is 7/16″ thick (not 3/8″) and carries a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty. It will not warp like plywood or dent like metal.
  • Free delivery in Zone 1, within 30 miles of Perkins. (Perkins is located 10 miles south of Stillwater, OK.) Beyond that, use Zone 2 prices.
  • Free leveling.  We provide blocks and level your portable building. It’s all in our price. (Note: We don’t do dirt work. Extra charges may apply if your site requires extra blocks. If we have to block more than 3 blocks high, we ask you to sign a  “Damage Waiver.”)


Want to “dress-up” your mini barn?
Ask for our Deluxe Model,
and add 10% to the above prices.mini_barn_thumb[1]
We can add shelves too!
(See above for available add-ons)Shelving