Made from treated 2×6’s,
screwed to your building
4’x5′ – $150, 5’x5′ – $175,
6’x’5 or 5’x6′ – $200
Made with 3/4″ plywood
12″ wide: $4/linear ft
16″ wide: $6/linear ft
24″ wide: $9/linear ft
24″ x 8′ – $120
$40 per set (1 window)
  • Additional ramps by Innovations®:  aluminum threshold and set of aluminum ramps ($330); aluminum threshold and treated 2×6 ramps ($200)
  • Electrical packages: our basic package includes a breaker box, 2 outlets, a switch, and a light ($450). Upgrades available.
  • Insulation, either fiberglass batts or spray foam.  (Note: insulation needs to covered with a panel lining.)
  • Overhead doors: 8’x6’6″ or 8’x7′ ($1050), 9’x6’6″ or 9’x7′ ($1090);  These prices include a walk-through door. Without walk-through door, deduct $80.
  • Mobile home factory door, 36″x76″, ($275);  with half-glass window ($350)
  • Wider shop-built doors: 62″ ($25) or 72″ ($75).
  • Windows: We offer Eagan windows, single hung with a screen, aluminum frame: 2×3 – $80; 3×3 – $100. We also stock insulated vinyl windows that we use in our cabins.
  • We can custom paint your portable building to match your house. ($25 +$5/gallon)
  • Ask about custom designs to fit your needs.
  • Tongue-and-groove flooring.  We use 3/4″ Advantech on our cabins and portable garages. It’s more water resistant than plywood. You can upgrade to T&G floor on any building. Ask.
  • Reflective decking for the roof, or reflective Smart Panel on the walls, keeps your building cooler.  Just $10/sheet.
  • Many more. Just ask.


Remember: Our prices include two coats of top quality paint. You can see the difference!

Warranty: We warranty our portable buildings a full 5 years, both materials and labor!

Siding: Our Smart Panel siding is 7/16″ thick (not 3/8″) and carries a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty

Roofing: Our Malarkey Highlander 30-year shingles are nailed on, not stapled.

Free delivery in Zone 1 within 40 miles of Perkins. Beyond that mileage charges apply.

Free Leveling. We provide blocks and level your portable building.


Want to “dress-up” your mini barn?
Ask for our Deluxe Model, and
add 10% to the Mini Barn prices.
We can add shelves too!
Various widths available.


Pay the monthly rent for 36 months
— and you own the building!
No penalty for early pay off