Need a portable building moved? Martin can help you!  With specialized equipment, this experienced driver makes a tough job look easy.

Starting in 2022, Martin deliveries for Better Built Barns on a contract basis.  You can call him for an estimate if you want him to move a building for you:  405-614-9669



This video is a quick demonstration of our Mule building mover. We carry this little wonder on the back of our truck and use it to carry the building into your backyard if necessary.


  • We figure mileage “one way” from our Perkins location to the furthest point.
  • Our estimated price include 2 hours for load/unload/set-up (3 hours for buildings over 28′ long).  The driver can confirm our estimate after he sees the building to be moved and the situation. Additional hours will be billed at $40/man hour.  The driver can add charges if he encounters unexpected difficulties.
  • These estimated prices assume that the building to be moved is accessible, is built on skids that fit our trailer and structurally sound. Our driver will refuse to move any structure if he feels he cannot move it safely.
  • Our rule of thumb:  if you want us to move your building, empty it! . . . Okay, we know you don’t feel like dragging everything out. You can leave some light stuff inside on the floor.  Just remember, when we load a building onto our trailer, it tilts up and every thing inside will likely slide to one end. What you leave inside is not our responsibility.