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All of our attractive portable buildings include these standard features:

  • Pressure treated 4″x6″ runners keep your portable building high and dry.
  • All framing lumber is kiln-dried 2×4 #2 Douglas Fir, the best available.
  • 3/4″ industrial rated plywood floors over joists 16″ o.c.
  • Wood grain 7/16″ Smart Panel siding with a 50-year warranty. We have found this to be a handsome and extremely durable product. You’ll be pleased!
  • 30-year Malarkey Highlander shingles–nailed on, not stapled. No exposed nails. This is more shingle than most of our competitors use–and they are made in Oklahoma.
  • Metal roof edge on every building.
  • Vented gables for air movement in the hot Oklahoma summers.
  • High quality Benjamin Moore satin paint from Spectrum Paint Company (an Oklahoma-based company). Your portable building will still look new 10 or even 15 years from now!
  • Inside-outside keyed door latch.
  • Double doors 52″ wide are standard on buildings up 16′ long. We include 62″ doors  on all buildings 20′ long or longer. Heavy duty 5″ galvanized hinges. 72″ doors available.
  • All sheet materials are #1 APA rated quality. Our customers deserve the best!
  • No hidden costs on a turn-key job! We deliver and level your building, even providing the blocks to keep it off the ground.


Remember: Our prices include two coats of top quality semi-gloss paint. You can see the difference! And you’ll love the low maintenance.

Many people like the looks of a natural wood-sided shed.  We do too, but we don’t like how it looks in 5 years!  Natural wood grays and weathers.  So we don’t use either pressure treated or T1-11 siding.  The sealer many builders spray on these products helps a little, but you will need to reseal any natural wood product every 2 or 3 years to keep it looking sharp and help it last.  Our painted buildings look sharp and clean for 15 years or more.

If you buy a metal-sided shed, of course you don’t have to paint it.  But even when it’s new, the building is not as tightly sealed and is subject to condensation. And because it’s not so heavy, it’s more likely to blow over.  Besides, it looks–well, sort of commercial or industrial. Why not choose “handsome”?

Better Built Barns, what you need for all your storage needs. Don’t settle for less–especially when it costs you more.

  • Warranty: We warranty our buildings a full 5 years, both materials and labor.
  • Siding: Smart Panel siding is 7/16″ thick (not 3/8″) and carries a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Free Delivery: We provide free delivery within 50 miles of Perkins. Beyond that, we add mileage charge..
  • Free Set-up:  We provide concrete blocks and level your portable building–right on the bubble.
  • Happy customers–our best advertising. “Serving you since ’92!”
  • Better Built Storage Barns. Better than they’d have to be! Better than they used to be! Better quality and better prices! Better Built–your BEST BUY.

Rent to Own

Pay the monthly rent for 36 months — and you own the building!  No penalty for early pay off.